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Greetings from the Snow Buddies of Boise

Hello from our Christmas-loving, ornament-collecting, happy little family.

Say hello to the Snow Buddies of Boise, a group of 45 of Hallmark Collectors who call Boise, Idaho home. Our club was founded in November 1998, and has steadily continued to grow in size and passion each year. We gather together not only to share our love of collecting ornaments, but also to spread the joy and cheer that is felt during Christmas with our community throughout all the year.

Our club is a diverse group of members of all ages, young to old, who share two things in common, an obsession with Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, and a deep love with the Christmas holiday season. In fact, our club’s motto is “Keep Calm & Trim a Tree.

In addition to normal club meetings, which occur once every other month, the Snow Buddies also engage in a variety of activities, both social and charitable. In our club, if you’re a Snow Buddy, you’re part of our family; a crazy, Christmas-loving, ornament-collecting family. In efforts to create lasting fun memories for all of our club members, we hold three special events every year.

In January we have a Christmas Open House party, where members bring homemade dishes for a delicious potluck, and we use our pooled together funds to get some wonderful Hallmark- themed prizes to win at a variety of different games played during the evening. Our next big event is our Annual July Picnic, which also is a time for potluck dishes, prizes, and games.

And lastly, in December each year, a handful of members will open their fully-decked out homes to the club and their families for our Annual Christmas Home Tour. We travel from house to house and get the opportunity to see homes filled with Hallmark and Christmas decor. This is one of the club’s favorite events as it’s a way for us to get new inspiration for decorating our homes with our favorite Hallmark ornament series, spend quality time with the members and their families, and truly just revel in the spirit of the season.

The Proud Collector

The Snow Buddies Story

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Pictures of Snow Buddies throughout the years.